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So, have you ever wondered about steampunk?   You see those people wandering around in their Victorian corsets and top hats.  Oh, and goggles.  Mustn’t forget the goggles.  However, there are a whole lot of these people, and they’re making stuff and talking about all sorts of things.   Are you intrigued?  I was, but that might just because I really, really like top hats.

During the Boston Book Festival, I picked up Steampunk! an anthology edited by Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant.   I had gone to listen to the editors’ panel and listened to it.  I  enjoyed the talk and, as a result, became intrigued by this thing called steampunk, which encompasses so many things.  It can refer to that old style dress covered in gears and paired with goggles, or it can refer to the construction of something that fuses the new and the old.  It’s about the future that never was.    Needless to say,  I was excited to read this book.

I wasn’t disappointed either.    The stories of this book are varied, intriguing, and, perhaps most importantly, charming.  A decent number of them had in the more traditional Victorian setting, but a goodly number of them were set in non-traditional settings, including my personal favorite, The Oracle Engine, which was set in Ancient Rome.   I particularly liked the ones like the Oracle Engine that took the stereotype and did different things with it while still keeping to the themes of the genre that make it so enjoyable.   Overall, I’d recommend you definitely check this anthology out.  Whether you love the outfits of steampunk (top hat lovers unite!) or just charming stories, there’s a story in here for you.


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