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Hi folks, I know it’s been awhile since I posted, and I apologize.  The later part of my summer got quite busy, and I didn’t have a lot of extra time to write posts.  So I’m going to write up some of the books I especially enjoyed these last few months.

I loved Rosalind Rosenberg’s Jane Crow, which told the story of the life of Pauli Murray, a black lawyer who was one of the first to draw parallels between racism and sexism to argue for the Fourteenth Amendment.  Murray’s actions for civil rights and her own struggle with gender identity was fascinating, and I saw so many of her struggles in current events. This book will likely interest readers interested in civil rights history and gender studies.

Next up is Amila Khan’s Adapt.  In Adapt, Khan describes inventions and constructions inspired by biology.   From a building whose cooling system was inspired by termite mounds to computer problem-solving based on ant behavior, you will find lots of interesting information here!  Khan does a really good job of explaining the concepts without getting too technical, and, between her approachable style and the content, you’ll want to keep reading.    If you want to read some cool scientific nonfiction, look no further.

I also discovered the work of Ellen Klages; I first encountered her work when I read Passing Strange, which feature a group of women in San Francisco in 1940.   When two of their group, run into trouble, they will have to use a special magic to get the couple’s happy ending.  I was captivated by Passing Strange‘s magical setting, so, from there I moved onto Klages’ short story collections, Wicked Wonders and Portable Childhoods Klages’ stories portray strong frequently female characters frequently going against the grain or following a nontraditional path.  Her work reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s in that her stories look at things a  little differently.  If you haven’t checked out this author yet, you really should.

I apologize again for the radio silence, and I hope you enjoyed this update!  I have been considering themed lists to occasionally take the place of the top books of the month posts.  If you have any ideas, be sure to let me know!


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